Art & Design 3200

Art & Design 3200 is a level three course which is designed for students who have completed Art 1201 and/or Art & Design 2200.  It is assumed that students have a base knowledge of the principles of art and design and have developed technical skills from the previous two courses.

Art & Design 3200 Course Outline 2019-2020

Project or Topic Covered Date Assigned Date Due
Brainstorming & Sketches forPortfolio Design Project Sept 8 Oct 11
Portfolio Design Project Sept 8 Oct 18
Introduction to Sketchbook Keeping Sept 30 n/a
Charcoal Still Life Drawing Oct 4 Oct 25
The Story Behind the Painting Assignment Oct 23 Nov 1
Sketchbook Due Nov 5
Pen & Ink Project Nov 12 Jan 24
Sketchbook Assignments Dec 2 on page
Digital Imaging Unit (on hold) Jan 6
Photoshop Hamburger Layering Assignment (on hold) Jan 6
Orton Photographic Technique Assignment (on hold) Jan 13
Sketchbook Due Date Winter Term Jan 24
Abstract Expressionism Introduction Feb 3 n/a
16 Acrylic Painting Techniques Sketchbook Assignment Feb 3
Jackson Pollock Questions Jan 27 Feb 14
Abstract Expressionist Mood Painting Feb 3 Mar 6
Abstract Painting Reflection Assignment Feb 20 Mar 6
Sketchbook Development for Term 3 Mar 20
Abstract Painting Critique Assignment Feb 26 Mar 20
Subtractive Sculpture Project Mar 3

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