Welcome December

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This video features the work of Danny Gregory.  Some of you may remember learning about him in the sketchbook presentation.  We looked at several of his contour drawings from “Everyday Matters”.  This short film shows how a simple breakfast can provide an interesting subject matter for art.  Try something like this in your own sketchbooks!

Class Updates

Grade 8 Art: Students continue to work on their Cartoon Watercolour paintings

Grade 9 Art:  Students are beginning the Claymation Unit.  We will be deciding upon groups this week so give it some consideration before you have class.

Art 1201:  Students are finishing up their Gradient Shading Op Art project.  We will take the remainder of the week to get this completed.  When finished, students are to work on Sketchbook Assignment #1:  Collage and/or work on their Sketchbook Development.

Art & Design 3200:  Students continue to ink their Pen & Ink drawings.  Some dabbled with coloured inks in Friday’s class.  Colour is not a requirement of the project but can be used if it fits your design.


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