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Happy January, folks!

Believe it or not, term 2 is coming to a close in about a month’s time, and so it’s time to start thinking about making sure you’re up to date with all of your projects!

Grade 8 Art: Everyone should be finished their Cartoon Watercolour Project. We have moved on to exploring the Elements and Principles of Design and we will be using our Design Journals for the rest of the term. We have (roughly) 9-10 classes left before the switch!

Grade 9 Art: Everyone is working hard on their Claymation Projects. At this point, groups should be filming, or be close to filming. I am available after school pretty much every day if anyone needs some extra time. We have (roughly) 9-10 classes left before the switch!

Art Technologies 1201: Students just received their sketchbooks before Christmas Break and were given their first Sketchbook Assignment and Sketchbook Development instructions. Sketchbooks are due JANUARY 21. Students were also tasked with a Movie Poster Parody Photoshop Project that they should have completed. We will be moving on to our next project soon!

Art & Design 2200: Students just received their sketchbooks before Christmas Break and were given their first Sketchbook Assignment and Sketchbook Development instructions. Sketchbooks are due JANUARY 21.  Students should be finishing up their Tonal Grid projects by January 20. Up next we will take a look at Andy Warhol and the Pop Art Movement!


Forgetful Blogger

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I’ve neglected this blog for a while, and that just won’t do! Here’s an update of our current classes:

Grade 8: We are well into our Watercolour Painting Projects! Some students are finishing up and have the opportunity to work on holiday cards or another painting.

Grade 9: We are in full swing of the claymation project! Groups are working well and they’re really coming along!

1201: Finishing up the stippling project! Some students have even completed more than one!

2200: Tonal Grid Projects – most have finished drawing their grids and have started the shading aspect! They’re looking awesome!


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Grade 8 Art: We’ve started our sketching techniques. Students must have 3 cartoon sketches in their portfolios. Sketches should be outline in Sharpie! Keep an eye out for Design Journal marks in Power School

Grade 9 Art: Working away on our Flipbooks. We will be looking at moving on in (roughly) 6 more classes. Keep an eye out for 2 Page Flipbook and Thaumatrope marks in Power School

1201: Working on our Op Art Projects.  I will be marking your portfolios shortly! (They may or may not make it onto this term’s report card)

2200: Students should be finishing up their Creative Colour Wheel. We will be looking at moving on next week.


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Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

Grade 8 Art: Finishing up the Design Journals with clasps and string. We will create a name page at the front of the book and then move on!

Grade 9 Art: Everyone should have two thaumatropes and a two page flipbook done. We have started our 20 page flipbooks.

Art Technologies 1201: Students were introduced to value and graduated tones with a worksheet. Planning and designing of our Op Art Projects are coming up!

Art & Design 2200: Complete the image should be complete (haha), but if not, keep working! We talked a bit about the colour wheel last day with a small worksheet. Creative Colour Wheel Project being introduced today! 

A reminder that report cards will be here before we know it. Students are encouraged to use their class time wisely to complete their work. Marking has begun for portfolios and assignments, so keep an eye on your Power School!

When Did it Become October?

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Tine really does fly when you’re having fun! Students and parents should be aware that I am currently tackling the marking of each class’ first project (I have roughly 200 students, so this usually takes a fair bit of time — I appreciate the patience!)

For now, here’s where we stand:

Grade 8 Art: Introduction to our next project, the Design Journal, begins today! This is a great project that allows students to design their very own sketchbook. It will be used later on in the course!

Grade 9 Art: We are beginning our Animation Unit, with a brief history of animation before beginning our first assignment: thaumatropes! These are neat little items that are considered a very early form of animation!

Art Technologies 1201: Students have designed their monograms (first and last initials) in an interesting font style and many have started on their portfolio. Students are using oil pastels and are required to use up as much of the space as possible, with their monogram as the main focus.

Art & Design 2200: Students should be finishing up their portfolios. A new project is introduced today: Observational Complete the Image. Students must choose an image, cut it in half, and draw one side in order to complete the image. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and to pick something that is going to highlight their skills!


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Here’s where each class stands!

Grade 8 Art: Currently working hard on portfolios. At this stage everyone should be working on their good copy! We will have a few more classes before moving on!

Grade 9 Art: Currently working hard on portfolios. At this stage everyone should be working on their good copy! We will have a few more classes before moving on!

Art Technologies 1201: Students are working on 3 projects: 3 Contour Shoes, 3 Shell Sketches, 1 Pastel Shell Drawing. ALL ARE DUE OCTOBER 5. We are hoping to also start our portfolios soon — Just waiting on some bristol board!

Art & Design 2200: Students missed a couple of classes due to fire drills and presentations, and are continuing to work on their portfolios! Everyone seems to be on track and the portfolios are looking awesome! We will have a few more classes on them before moving on!

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