Week Three

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This video of Blackletter calligraphy by Seb Lester is mesmerizing. Soon my 1202 students will be studying various typography for their Portfolio Design projects.

Class Updates:

Last week was a busy one. Lots of new topics and techniques were introduced.  I have to say that I’m very pleased with the effort everyone has shown. Here is a snapshot of what we did and where we are going:

Grade 8 Art: All classes have begun brainstorming and sketching for their Portfolio Design projects. Many have begun working on their bristol board.

Grade 9 Art: All classes are busy brainstorming and sketching for their Portfolio Design projects. Some have begun working on their bristol board.

Visual Art 1202: Students learned about gesture and sketching and practiced these techniques by sketching sea shells in graphite. Next to try is rendering in soft pastel. Check the 1202 page for what we have covered so far and upcoming due dates.

Art & Design 2200: Students are busy working on their Portfolio Design projects. Lots of great imagery here!

Art & Design 3200: Students are busy working on their Portfolio Design projects. We are about halfway there. Next comes Sketchbook Development!


On to week Two!

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We made it through the first week! I was telling my 1202 classes about the artist in this video by Tim Bierbaum.  British artist Stephen Wiltshire can create accurate drawings of cityscapes from memory. And he just so happens to have Autism. Watching his artistic process is mesmerizing.

Class Updates

I have yet to meet all of my junior high classes but here is an update of what we did last week and what to expect in the classes this week.

Grade 8 Art: We will begin idea generation for our Portfolio Design Projects. This consists of a Brainstorming Diagram and a series of sketches. Remember that everything I ask you to do has a purpose and will be a part of your evaluation.

Grade 9 Art: We began brainstorming and sketching ideas for our Portfolio Design Project. This will continue throughout this week and into next.

Visual Art 1202: I introduced Contour Line Drawing at the end of last week. Students began three views of their shoe in contour. We will spend one more class on contour before moving onto sketching.

Art & Design 2200: Last week we had our introduction class. Monday we will begin brainstorming ideas for our Portfolio Design Project.

Art & Design 3200: Students are developing their sketches for their Portfolio Design Projects. Some are beginning to test out various media.



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Welcome back everyone! It’s so good to be back in the Art Room at Menihek after two whole years! First of all, thank you to Ms Murphy for doing such an awesome job keeping the Art Program running in my absence.  I was so impressed by the outstanding work in the year end art exhibitions. It’s clear that the passion for art still runs strong in Menihek!

To those of you who do not know me yet, my name is Ms. Thomas. I am so excited to be back teaching and creating art with you. Please be patient with me while I learn all of your names. I have a lot of catching up to do! You don’t have to wait for class, feel free to drop by the art room and introduce yourself!

I use this website extensively in my teaching as well as communication to students and parents about upcoming projects and due dates. I am responsible for updating and maintaining it and you are responsible for reading it 😉

If you have any questions about what you see here, (or anything else) please drop by to see me in the art room or leave me a message at jessicareidthomas@nlesd.ca

Let’s begin the year!

Ms. T

Last Week

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Here we are, folks! The last week of classes!

Senior high sketchbooks were due Monday, June 10. If you have not passed one in yet, pass it in ASAP. You don’t want to take a zero on your final sketchbook!! Late is better than not passing it in! Come see me if you need extra time — I’m flexible, but you have to come see me.

Junior high students should be cluing up their projects. Grade 9s are at a good spot, for the most part, but some groups may need to come in at lunch/after school this week to finish their clay projects. You want these done before exams!!

Anyone who has outstanding work for term 4 can bring it to me this week.

Good luck on your exams and tests! It’s been fun!

The Art Show is Here!

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Can you believe it!? It’s finally here!

Tonight is Menihek’s Annual Art Show at the Arts and Culture Centre! The ACC is full of beautiful artwork made by our students. It was a lot of work framing each piece, but I had some wonderful helpers who set up the show with me. Thank you: Terri-Lynn, Alyssa, Macy and Megan! You guys did a fantastic job!

While the event itself is free, we are accepting donations that go towards art supplies and other school related projects. There will be some refreshments provided by our 2200 class, all of which are free!

It’s a little bitter sweet for me, as this is my last year as the Art Teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed my two years in this position. I have learned a lot and have grown to appreciate art and the art making process even more than I had before. The students have taught me a lot, and I like to think I’ve taught them a thing or two! I will always be involved with the art programs at Menihek, but it is now time for me to move on and into my position of Junior High English. I just wanted to give a big thanks to all of the students over these two years: You’ve all been amazing  to work with.

Thank you again, and good luck on all of your exams and future endeavors!

– Ms. Ashley Murphy

PS: Sketchbooks are due Monday, June 10, and junior high students should be finishing up their final assignments and projects!

Art Show 2

We’re Almost There!

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Despite the snow outside this morning, we are nearing June! With June comes exams and the end of classes, so it’s very important that students are attending class and completing their work!

The Art Show is scheduled for June 6th from 7pm-9pm at the Arts and Culture Centre (a week from today!) All are welcome to attend! It is a free event, but we’ll collect donations at the door for future art supplies if you feel inclined to donate! I have a tentative list of participants posted outside the art room. Check back periodically as I am still making edits to the lists (i.e. I accidentally left off 8 names for the grade 8 watercolour projects and have since put them on!)

Here is where we stand:

Grade 8 Art: We are working in our Design Journals. We’ve covered Line, Shape, and Form in our exploration of the elements of design. Next up will be: colour!

Grade 9 Art: Time is ticking away. We have 5-6 classes left with each group as we push to finish the Claymation videos. Anyone needing extra time can schedule a day after school or at lunch if need be. If students want to work on them after their exams, I can have it arranged so that someone is able to supervise, as I may be supervising exams.

Art Technologies 1201: Students should be finished or close to finishing their Labrad’Art. I try to include as many as possible in the Art Show, so they’ll need to be done by Monday. Sketchbooks are due June 10

Art & Design 2200: Students are working hard at finishing their masks. Again, I’d like to include as many as possible, so they need to be completed ASAP (the Art Show is next Thursday!). We’ve had some minor bumps, but overall I am pleased with how they’re turning out!

Sorry for the Delay!

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Sorry for the lack of updates — it’s been a busy few weeks!

We are now in the middle of May. Exams start in a month! This means we want to start cluing up our Art Classes so that they don’t interfere with your studying!

The Art Show is scheduled to open at the Arts and Culture Centre on June 6th. I will have a printout of all the students who have pieces that have been selected on my door in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s where we stand:

Grade 8 Art: We are just finishing up the Watercolour Projects and have begun working  in our Design Journals!

Grade 9 Art: Students are working excellently on their Claymation Projects!

Art Technologies 1201: Students are finishing their Stained Glass projects. Those who are finished are working in their sketchbooks, which are due June 10th 

Art & Design 2200: Students are working on their masks! And they’re coming along nicely! We’ve hit a few snags — some masks have cracked, but students are willing to do what it takes to fix them and to ensure they don’t crack again! Very pleased with the work ethic! Sketchbooks are due June 10th.